The northernmost Palestinian city of Jenin has a population of 318,000, and is widely known for their robust agricultural sector which accounts for nearly 100 million USD of the Agriculture GDP of the region. In terms of Jenin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem there are a reported 16 organizations that support new graduates and emerging entrepreneurs.

The majority of these organizations are financial institutions, including banks, microfinance and lending organizations. The main incubator in the city is IDEA to Support Small Enterprises, which is supported by the Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. IDEA is one of Palestine’s leading incubators that offers Palestinians everywhere with the opportunity to partake in a 3-year intensive incubation program, that includes training courses, access to guidance and mentorship, business development services, legal support, and market and network access.

Due to the lack of incubators, accelerators, and general support organizations, aspiring entrepreneurs are forced to look elsewhere for the resources they need to translate their project ideas into viable businesses, and kickstart their startups into local and regional markets.


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