Ramallah: The Capital of Palestine’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Considered as the heart of the Palestinian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Ramallah boasts the highest percentage of support organizations, with over 55 support institutions and counting, for self-starters looking to establish their own business. With a population of over 300,000, while Ramallah may not be the most populated city, self-starters and new graduates looking to get ahead and secure strategic support for their entrepreneurial pursuits head to the city to take advantage of an expansive network of incubators and accelerators, training programs, finance organizations, and so much more.

Looking for the country’s leading incubators, access to mentors, or a place to work out of, then head over to Leaders Organization, Pal-Tel’s Fikra, Rawabi Tech Hub, and even the international based Founder’s institute. And these are just a few of what Ramallah has to offer. From Build Palestine, the country’s first and only crowdfunding platform, to uMake, the city’s leading coworking space that hosts a range of entrepreneurs, to Birzeit University’s B-hub, supporting the next generation of Palestinian innovators, Ramallah is the heart of the country’s growing community of passionate and skilled innovators who are fast-becoming leaders of change in their own right.

Ramallah is also home to all the major financial organizations that offer new graduates and entrepreneurs looking to start a startup or SME with the microfinance, grants, and loans to begin their journey. The majority of governmental organizations are located in Ramallah, and prove time and again to be an invaluable resource for new graduates and emerging entrepreneurs looking to navigate the cities growing ecosystem.

The entrepreneurial networks available in Ramallah far surpass those anywhere else in Palestine. With a growing community of entrepreneurs that are passionate, skilled and making headlines around the world, Ramallah’s ecosystem is transforming the landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship across Palestine.


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