The Emerging Nablus Ecosystem: At a Glance

With a population at an estimated 388,000, Nablus is far from being the most populated city in Palestine, yet its ecosystem is on par with those of both Hebron and East Jerusalem. Nablus is home to a reported 17 known entrepreneurial organizations, designed to help new graduates find the support they need to start their own business. The majority of which are branches or country-wide financial institutions that offer access to microfinance, loans, and grants.

However, the ecosystem suffers from a lack of access to incubation and acceleration programs. In fact, Al-Najah University: Business Innovation and Partnership Center (NABIC) is one of the main institutions that offers students and emerging entrepreneurs alike the opportunity to incubate and develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Four main organizations offer new graduates and emerging entrepreneurs training opportunities to develop the skills and acumen they need to run successful businesses.


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